Monday, March 30, 2009

men and their professions part 3

this is the concluding entry of me "Men" series.

the rockstar
he's a romantic by nature, writing songs that pierce the soul. he eats, breathes, thinks music and his goal in life is to leave a legacy as a musician. he writes you a song for your birthday, sings to you under a star-studded sky and he introduces you to all his musician friends. you become a part of an elite circle of artists. his world revolves around his band and his aspirations. you are eventually left on the sidelines. his ambitions become yours. and unless you are extremely confident in yourself, those groupies won't bug you even when you know he likes it. you are his biggest supporter yet you cannot fully comprehend his world.

if you choose to be or are with a rockstar:
support and understand that this is what he wants with his life. be prepared to put your life on hold while he finds his footing in an often fickle industry. encourage him and if you're inclined to music as much as he is, ask to help in any way you can. be his publicist or his manager. just be involved. but if you cannot put your own life on hold so he can fulfill his dreams, be realistic.

the conclusion
men are loveable and sweet by nature. they are honest and real and can be a girl's best friend (move over diamonds). i am in no position to judge them and i hope i haven't offended any men with this series. this is really just based on personal opinion. but it does ultimately boil down to choice. in reality, men are not hotwired to understand how women think. Instead, they were born with a sense of maintaining a role, whether it be a warrior, a father or a bachelor. men will innately try to fit into those roles and these traits trickle down to everything they do and everyone they encounter. as women, if we choose to support these roles, we are going to have to be doubly understanding and doubly supportive. because no woman i've ever met has never had heart.

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