Monday, March 30, 2009

men and their professions part 3

this is the concluding entry of me "Men" series.

the rockstar
he's a romantic by nature, writing songs that pierce the soul. he eats, breathes, thinks music and his goal in life is to leave a legacy as a musician. he writes you a song for your birthday, sings to you under a star-studded sky and he introduces you to all his musician friends. you become a part of an elite circle of artists. his world revolves around his band and his aspirations. you are eventually left on the sidelines. his ambitions become yours. and unless you are extremely confident in yourself, those groupies won't bug you even when you know he likes it. you are his biggest supporter yet you cannot fully comprehend his world.

if you choose to be or are with a rockstar:
support and understand that this is what he wants with his life. be prepared to put your life on hold while he finds his footing in an often fickle industry. encourage him and if you're inclined to music as much as he is, ask to help in any way you can. be his publicist or his manager. just be involved. but if you cannot put your own life on hold so he can fulfill his dreams, be realistic.

the conclusion
men are loveable and sweet by nature. they are honest and real and can be a girl's best friend (move over diamonds). i am in no position to judge them and i hope i haven't offended any men with this series. this is really just based on personal opinion. but it does ultimately boil down to choice. in reality, men are not hotwired to understand how women think. Instead, they were born with a sense of maintaining a role, whether it be a warrior, a father or a bachelor. men will innately try to fit into those roles and these traits trickle down to everything they do and everyone they encounter. as women, if we choose to support these roles, we are going to have to be doubly understanding and doubly supportive. because no woman i've ever met has never had heart.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

men and their professions part 2

this is the second installment of my "Men and Their Professions Series". this is just a personal take on the influences of a man's occupation on how he treats his woman. read on.

the manager
he is organized and disciplined. almost like the law enforcer, he is also very careful about showing emotion. because he's a teamleader by profession, he will always take it into his own hands to find solutions. he likes to plan and he likes detail. he gets annoyed with impulsive actions and lacks spontaneity. being with the manager does however, ensure a smooth-sailing getaway trip or party. when he gets amorous, he takes the lead and is always concerned with what you like. he goes all out with presents and always keeps in mind the presentation. if you're a woman who likes being led, the manager will do just that. but if you're a woman who likes to speak her mind, being with the manager usually leads to conflicts in opinion and most often than not, yours gets ignored. a manager's ego is hard to bring down. he will always challenge your opinion, just because that is what they're trained to do. they will question you and they will always come up with reasons. if you attempt to try to assert an opinion, you must be strong-willed and confident enough with your opinion for it to get through.

if you choose to be or are with a manager:
know when to assert yourself and when to say no. like in any office setting, the assertive people get their points across and are heard. staying quiet and shutting up will get you nowhere fast. if you don't like the way he handles your issues like a client, let him know that you want him to listen and that you're not looking for a solution just yet. and in terms of spontaneity, take the initiative instead of waiting for him to do it. surprise him with your delicious homecooking, or give him a backrub. if that doesn't give him the hint, just tell him this is what you want from him and don't keep him guessing. he will appreciate it more than you know.

the cook
the cook is a people-pleaser. he is not immune to criticsm, esp if he has a temper to begin with. he is a perfectionist, an inventor and an artist. he is often very critical of himself and often his confidence is tested by those higher than he is. being with the cook though makes life easier for a woman with a fluctuating self-esteem. every cook friend i have has never said they prefer skinny women, just because it gives them pleasure knowing their ladies enjoy their food. and it would be very hard to stay skinny if you're dating a cook. the cook has a secure outlook of himself, accepting that he is no supermodel himself and that he loves food. his confidence though could be a rollercoaster. one second he receives praises, the next second his souffle is a flop. to be with a cook requires patience and understanding. you would have to understand why he cries over a slightly overcooked tuna ahi when he was aiming for rare.

if you choose to be or are with a cook:
you would need to have a strong stomach and a secure self-image. you would most likely be his guinea pig and you would most likely gain weight because of it. try not to blame him. instead, be supportive of his quest to find the perfect taste. develop a new sense of acquired tastes. try not to be so harsh with his experiments (eg. spitting it out) and if you're familiar with cooking terminology, make suggestions. your tastebuds will be one less thing to worry about in your relationship.

tomorrow, the rockstar and the conclusion to this series.

men and their professions part 1

i know enough men to know that alot of their egos come from what they do for a living. add on to their already innate personalities, you can either have a humble worker or an egomaniac. many of my male friends treat women the way they do because of their jobs and unfortunately, it is very hard to change that unless they want to. here is a list of some professions which i think are influential on how men treat their women. feel free to argue.

the law enforcer
many of them are ex-Marines, trained to never show emotion or weakness. their patriotism is astounding and their discipline is unrivalled. being with a law enforcer would also mean constant fear of having to get the news that he was "killed in action". it would also mean putting up with his passion for staying fit and if you are not the type to count calories, this would probably annoy the heck out of you. although when they do show emotion, it is sincere and honest. no frilly sweet nothings, just straight and direct to the point expressions. pretty much like their jobs. beat the bad guys, save the civilian. very noble, very admirable, very in your face. not that being with a law enforcer would be completely emotionless, but you would have to be a very strong, discplined woman yourself to tackle the life of a policeman's wife.

if you choose to be or are with a law enforcer:
try tapping into his emotion pool once in a while. talk about his fears and listen with sincerity. these men are trained to make suspects out of everyone, even the ones they love. so gain his trust.

the i.t. guy
this guy has his nose at the computer 24/7. he knows every term, every networking site, every tech fad there is. he's extremely smart and he knows his ins and outs of everything on the Internet. Because of this, he is very knowledgeable in finding things for you that you didn't know existed. He knows where to look when finding a good restaurant or researching online for what movies are in theatres. he sends you e-cards, e-flowers and everything else e-. He is also an email sender, preferring this digital exchange more than actual conversation. The i.t. guy most probably stays quiet when confronted and prefers to let you do the talking. i'm not saying he's completely spineless, as there are just as many aggressive tech guys out there. just that if you don't speak the same lingo, it would be very hard to communicate.

if you choose to be or are with an i.t. guy:
you obviously know a little bit about his passion for technology if you're with him in the first place. be more open to it and make the effort of understanding what it is he does. don't have a clue what Twitter is? read about it and make one for yourself. better yet, ask HIM. this sudden curiosity will ignite his passion and get him talking - verbally - nonstop. and if you are REALLY confident in your relationship, tweet about you and your guy. just make sure you sincerely are interested in this and not just trying to impress him.

tomorrow, the manager and the cook.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

gusto na ko makakita sa akong liwat

niabot na jud ang adlaw. gusto na ko makakita sa akong liwat.

this year is my last in the 20-something pool. i think i've accomplished enough, in terms of career and ambition. i was never really ambitious to begin with. but it doesn't have that much to do with age really. it's more of a longing, to finally take care of someone, to give love unconditionally and to be selfless and infintely patient. i want to be responsible for someone and to raise good people.

i want a little one calling me Mommy. a little version of me, running around, with curly hair bouncing up and down. girl or boy, it doesnt matter as long as they're mine. i think about all the mothers out there who didn't want their children, who treat them so terribly and blame them for a life cut short. they can all rot in hell for thinking that selfishly, while so many women would die to have their own children but unfortunately can't.

maynta tagaan kos Ginoo ani. i think i'd make a good mother. if only i was so lucky.

keeping a promise

sometimes the hardest thing to do is keep a promise. it's even harder when you're keeping a promise to yourself. i guess it's easier when it's someone else's promise because breaking it might jeopardize your friendship, and we don't really want to burn bridges. making a promise to yourself takes more effort, more control and discipline. there is no one to tell you not to do it, because it was your promise to make, no one else's. it's easier to fall off the wagon because it's not like you promised it to anyone else. there are no relatioships to ruin, no moral conflict with someone else... just you and your head and your promise.

i've made a promise to myself that i am having trouble keeping. im just crossing my fingers i can keep it.

a name

sometimes all it takes is a name to move on.
a name was mentioned, a name i didn't know.
now i shall move on as well.

should i or shouldn't i?

sometimes i wonder why we write blogs. is it to make people aware of what you're doing, just because you want to be remembered? or is it a personal thing, wanting to vent but not wanting to keep it inside?

i usually like to blog about what im feeling or thinking. sometimes it is very therapeutic. i also like to blog about food, but that is a different site and different story.

i guess i came back to blogging because i just miss being able to write and get comments about it. i like knowing what people think about my thoughts. it can turn into a discussion or a debate, doesnt matter. just as long as we're all talking and communicating. whatever anyone's reason to blog is, one thing is for sure: someone will always be interested to read it. we're all just human that way.:)